Cart66 Cloud

Cart66 felt that e-commerce sites should be as easy to build as any other WordPress site. WordPress developers shouldn’t have to become e-commerce security experts in order to build online stores. .

With Cart66 Cloud you don’t have to worry about getting and configuring SMTP servers, Amazon S3 storage, dedicated IP addresses, SSL certificates, or security scans. You don’t have to worry about what features your payment gateway has. As long as it can charge credit cards (which they all do) all of the recurring billing features and customer account features work because it’s all built into your Cart66 account, not your payment gateway.

Get security without giving up control. Not worrying about security is great, but we also know that, as a developer, you don’t want to give up control of the look of your checkout page. So we invented a one-click way to skin your checkout page with your WordPress theme so even though the checkout page is hosted on a PCI compliant server, it still looks exactly like the rest of your site. There’s no confusing change like bopping back and forth from PayPal. Everything is consistent, intuitive, and simple for your customers.

With Cart66 the cost is simple, affordable, and easy to understand. With WooCommerce and their extension marketplace, the cost adds up quickly. For example, the subscription add-on for WooCommerce is $199/year and the average payment gateway extension is $79/year. Those two extensions add up to more than the cost of the entire Cart66 e-commerce system which, among many other things, includes recurring billing and over 50 payment gateways.

Both WooCommerce and Cart66 Cloud allow you to setup online stores with WordPress. Both solutions allow you to host your own WordPress installation. And, with both solutions, your customers shop entirely on your WordPress site, although Cart66 also provides a secure hosted payment page so you don’t have to worry with SSL certificates or any of the other requirements for PCI compliance.

While Cart66 Cloud and WooCommerce are both great options for e-commerce on WordPress, Cart66 gives you everything you need from features to security all in one package. WooCommerce leaves it up to you to find, install, and maintain all the add-ons you need for your site and also leaves it up to you to make sure your site is PCI compliant and secure. It is also likely that you’ll end up spending more for WooCommerce extensions than you would for Cart66.

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