WooCommerce versus Cart66 all-in-one

With WooCommerce you will shop through the WooCommerce marketplace of extensions and purchase the add-ons that you need for your store.

These add-ons might include features such as:

  • Payment gateway (Stripe, Authorize.net, etc.) Price: $79/year
  • WooCommerce subscriptions. Price: $199/year
  • Newsletter integration with MailChimp. Price: $49/year

The list of WooCommerce extenstions is very comprehensive and almost all of the extensions are developed by 3rd party developers. The good news is that you can probably find an extension for almost anything you can think of. The bad news is, you have to find the extension, install and configure it yourself, and rely on 3rd party developers for support and updates.

WooCommerce is more expensive than you think

Two things are often overlooked about WooCommerce. One is the cost of acquiring all the add-ons you need. The WooCommerce core extension is free of charge and available in the WordPress repository. But when you add up the cost of the add-ons you need, the “free” plugin becomes expensive quickly. For example, the three extensions mentioned above add up to $327/year. All of these features are included for free with your Cart66 account.

The other often misunderstood aspect of WooCommerce is that WooCommerce add-ons are essentially annual subscriptions. It is true that once you purchase the add-on that you get to keep it. Once your year is up you are not forced to renew, but the support and upgrades are only available for one year. If you are going to be running a secure e-commerce site, you need to continually make sure all your plugins are updated because 3rd party services like your payment gateway may update their API, security patches might get released, or WordPress itself might get updated and the plugin needs to be updated to work with the latest WordPress core.

Cart66 is more secure

WooCommerce is developed by very talented developers, but Cart66 provides secure services that go beyond what you can do with a WordPress plugin alone. With Cart66, your product prices, coupons, customer data, and even your customers shopping carts are all stored in your secure Cart66 Cloud account on PCI compliant servers powered by Firehost, the leader in secure cloud hosting.

So, in the unfortunate event that your WordPress site gets hacked, all of your sensitive and important e-commerce data like customer accounts, orders, products definitions, and digital products are all still safe in the cloud and never exposed to the hacker. Simply restore your WordPress site and you’re back in business.

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